• 200 years of breeding for quality

    Scottish farmers built the Angus reputation as the world's best grass fed and finished beef by patiently selecting their breeding stock for quality eating. Our cattle are numbered among fewer than 1,000 worldwide with these original genetics and this traditional goal.

  • Taste, texture, terroir and time

    Our cattle are allowed as long as they need, typically 24 - 36 months, in which to grow naturally on our diverse pastures, plants and grasses. Choose our beef if you prioritize taste, texture, natural marbling, and the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients important for your health.

  • Our regenerative farming philosophy

    The regenerative agriculture methods we use enhance soil health, increase biodiversity, and capture carbon, contributing to a healthier environment for our family, our community, our animals and our planet. We care about these things - that's why we farm the way we do.

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  • 1. We produce on our sustainable farm

  • 2. You select one of our nose-to-tail beef boxes

  • 3. We deliver fresh beef straight to your door

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